Matthew 2:1-12 “The Voice of the Magi”

*Audio not available The day is quickly approaching; we are almost there! It’s the day the entire world has been waiting for, and will no doubt be the most important day of the year for many. Of course, you know what day I am talking about. I am talking about [...]

Matthew 1:18-25 “The Voice of Joseph”

*No audio available I will never forget the night when I found out that Rachel was pregnant. I remember her running down the stairs and, with tears in her eyes, telling me that we were going to have a baby! And then, of course, I found myself with tears in [...]

Jeremiah 33:1-6 “The Voice of the Prophets”

*No audio available One of my guilty pleasures is going to haunted houses around Halloween. I’ve been to many haunted houses, but the best one I’ve ever been to was in Minnesota. And what made it so great is that it wasn’t just a house that you walked through, it [...]

Mark 13:1-8 “Eyes on the Prize”

Download sermon audio here Like many in this sanctuary, I did not grow up Presbyterian. I grew up in a large non-denominational church in Minnesota that had over 5,000 members. When I was in high school, they decided to move from the building they had been using for 30 years [...]

Ruth 1:1-18 “Clinging to Family”

Over the last few months, I have received countless pieces of tips, advice, and warnings about raising a child. For the most part, they were practical tips, like how to change a diaper with one hand, or how to get our baby to go to sleep. But then others gave [...]

1 Samuel 2:1-10 “Praise and Proclamation”

Download sermon audio here One of the most interesting experiences of Rachel’s pregnancy is when I heard stories from my own parents that I had never heard before. Most of those stories were about their own experiences when they were pregnant with me. And although pregnancy hasn’t changed that much [...]

2 Corinthians 8:8-12 “Everything is Mine”

*No audio available

Exodus 3:1-12 “My Name is Moses”

*No audio available

Romans 3:21-26 “Do Your Feet Reach the Floor?”

*No audio available

Esther 7-9 “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

Well, I hope that the story of Esther wasn’t on anyone’s reading list, because we just read the end of the story. We read about Esther’s plan succeeding, Mordecai’s vindication, Haman’s demise, and the Jew’s ultimate victory in the Persian Empire. In reality, the Book of Esther is an interesting [...]